AI powered surveillance

Solving surveillance

CogniTrack is an Artificial Intelligence powered person tracking system that acquires images from CCTV cameras (in stream or in batch), and track individuals appearing in the frame in real-time using several advanced Deep Learning Models.


Search for members and immediately see real-time footage of CCTV Camera currently pointing at them.
Recieve alerts when CCTV camera view is blocked or an unauthorised user enters premis
Add, modify and delete members in real-time from Admin Web Interface

Real-time person search

Built to scale

Following several efficient distributed and parallel system design models allows CogniTrack to process multiple video streams simultaneously without hickups.


With Material Design at its core, smooth animations, and intutive user flows, Cognitrack delivers a seemless experience like no other.

Real-time location
User management
Unauthorised member alert
Camera blackout alert